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Call for Abstract

3rd fib Symposium on Concrete and Concrete Structures

Future perspectives for sustainable concrete structures


Abstract submission

The submission of a research paper / design report is requested for the participation.  This could be related to a specific research topic or it can be a brief summary of a research project or a design example. Submissions are accepted in the form of:

  • paper (6-8 pages)
  • design report (3-6 pages)

Submitted papers will be peer-reviewed and sent to the members of fib Commissions in order to receive their feedback for a further development of the work, with special reference to the fib activities.

How to submit Abstract

Papers should be written in English, while design reports and short papers could be written either in English or in Italian.

Abstract and paper templates (English and Italian version) are available here on the side, together with the “Consent to Publish” form.

Template files for submission