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14th fib PhD Symposium
Rome 2022

Rome, 5th - 7th September 2022



PhD students in the field of Civil Engineering, who have not defended their thesis yet.

Supervisors of the students and other experts are also welcomed to join the symposium as audience and to participate in discussions.


All the accepted papers will be published on in a printed volume with SCOPUS and WoS indexing. The proceedings will also be available in e-format and collected in a USB key that will be distributed to the attendants at the conference.

IMPORTANT: For each paper, at least one registration fee should result, even if no author attends the conference. The fee must be paid before the final submission of the papers.



  • Innovations in concrete technology;
  • Structural analysis and design;
  • Retrofitting and assessment of existing structures;
  • History of concrete structures and assessment of heritage buildings;
  • Bridges, dams and tunnels;
  • Composite structures;
  • Structural reliability and risk analysis;
  • Durability and materials;
  • Sustainability and life cycle assessment;
  • Structural health monitoring.
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Marta Del Zoppo, Isabella Giorgia Colombo, Francesca Vecchi, Fabio Di Carlo, Simone Spagnuolo, Simone Labò, Luca Pozza, Antonio Conforti, Daniele Perrone, Costantino Menna, Giovanni Minafò, Ilaria Giannetti, Elena Ciampa, Diego Talledo, Giulio Zani, Diego Gino


Marco di Prisco (Chair), Alberto Meda, Edoardo Cosenza, Giovanni Plizzari, Stefano Pampanin, Beatrice Belletti, Paolo Castaldo, Anna Saetta, Andrea Prota, Paolo Riva, Marco Savoia, Fausto Minelli, Maria Antonietta Aiello, Liberato Ferrara, Domenico Asprone, Lidia La Mendola, Marco Menegotto, Zila Rinaldi, Maria Rosaria Pecce, Giuseppe Mancini, Carlo Pellegrino, Alessandro Palermo, Francesco Biasioli, Antonio Mari, Fulvio Parisi, Antonio Bilotta, Paolo Franchin, David Fernandez-Ordonez, Tor Ole Olsen, Akio Kasuga, Stephen Foster, Aurelio Muttoni, Luc Taerwe, Gyorgy Balazs, Hugo Corres Peiretti, Josée Bastien, Frank Dehn, Iria Doniak, Larbi Sennour, Agnieszka Bigaj Van Vliet, Aad van der Horst, Jan Vitek, Oguzhan Bayrak, Alfred Strauss, Robby Caspeele, Tor Arne Martius-Hammer, Jean-Michel Torrenti, Antonio Caballero, Hermann Weiher, Stef Maas, Wit Derkowski, Larbi Sennour, Petr Hájek, Takafumi Noguch, Lionel Linger, José Matos, Joost Walraven, Konrad Bergmeister, Hans-Dieter Beushausen, Mikael Braestrup, Manfred Curbach, Avraham Dancygier, Vyacheslav Falikman, Michael Fardis, Fabrice Gatuingt, Steinar Helland, Nico Herrmann, Sung Gul Hong, Dick Hordijk, Milan Kalny, Xilin Lu, Koichi Maekawa,  Harald Muller, Takafumi Noguchi, Peter Paulik, Koji Sakai, Johan Silfwerbrand, Alfred Strauss, Fernando Stucchi, Francois Toutlemonde, Lucie Vandewalle, Sherif Yehia, Bin Zhao, Andreas Sjaastad, Motohiro Ohno, Vladyslav Shekhotsov, Nikola Tosic, Joao Pacheco, Graham Webb, Sándor Solyom




The Symposium will take place in the campus of Tor Vergata University (Rome, Italy).


The excellent papers and presentations will be awarded.


Isabella Giorgia Colombo
[email protected]