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Winners of the fib Awards


Structural analysis and design

1. Enrique Corres (EPFL Switzerland) with Aurelio Muttoni, Validation of bond models for the crack width estimation based on detailed measurements
2. Frederik Autrup (University of Southern Denmark) with Henrik Brøner Jørgensen and Linh Cao Hoang, Experimental investigation of the influence of stirrup spacing on the shear capacity of reinforced concrete beams

Enrique Corres awarded by the fib President Akio Kasuga
Frederik Autrup awarded by the fib Secretary General David Fernandez-Ordonez


Durability and Materials – Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment

1. Marinelle El-Khoury (Ecole Centrale Nantes) with Emmanuel Roziere, Frederic Grondin, Rachid Cortas and Fadi Hage Chehade, New protocol for the durability assessment of offshore cement- based structures submitted to creep and seawater attack
2. Richard Caron (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)) with Ravi Patel and Frank Dehn, Applicability of the fib Model Code 2010 for predicting strength and shrinkage behaviour of alkali-activated slag concrete

El Koury
Marinelle El-Khoury awarded by the fib President Akio Kasuga
Richard Caron awarded by the fib Secretary General David Fernandez-Ordonez


Bridges, dams and tunnels – History of concrete and assessment of heritage buildings – Structural reliability and risk analysis – Structural health monitoring

1. Annalisa Mele (Università Napoli Federico II) with Autilia Vitiello, Manuela Bonano, Andrea Miano, Riccardo Lanari, Giovanni Acampora and Andrea Prota, Criticality maps of built areas based on Artificial Intelligence applied to Satellite data
2. Javier Cañada Pérez-Sala (Imperial College London) with Ana M. Ruiz-Teran, Numerical analysis of Precast Concrete Segmental Bridges for high-speed railway bridges

Annalisa Mele awarded by the fib President Akio Kasuga
Javier Canada Pérez-Sala awarded by the fib Secretary General David Fernandez-Ordonez


Retrofitting and assessment of existing structures

1. Marko Pejatović (EPFL) with Aurelio Muttoni, Experimental investigation of dowel action using advanced measurement techniques
2. Lorenzo Franceschini (Università Parma) with Beatrice Belletti, Javier Sanchez and Francesco Tondolo, Dependency of pitting corrosion spatial variability on crack pattern of prestressed concrete members

Marko Pejatovic awarded by the fib President Akio Kasuga


Innovations in concrete technology – Composite structures

1. Sandra del Río-Bonnín (University of Balearic Islands) with Luís A. Montoya-Coronado, Carlos R. Ribas, Joaquín G. Ruiz-Pinilla and Antoni Cladera, Using iron-based shape memory alloy rebars as hogging prestress for continuity of Hollow-Core Slabs
2. Jiehong Li (The University of New South Wales) with Ailar Hajimohammadi and Taehwan Kim, The influence of PVA fibres on mechanical properties of foam concrete

Del Rio
Sandra del Rio-Bonnìn awarded by the fib Secretary General David Fernandez-Ordonez

Winners of the Sponsor's Awards


Numerical analyses (ASDEA)

Giacomo Rizzieri (POLIMI) with Massimiliano Cremonesi and Liberato Ferrara, A Numerical Model of 3D Concrete Printing


Steel fiber reinforced concrete (Bekaert)

Rafael Ruiz (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) with Leonardo Todisco and Hugo Corres, High performance- fibre reinforced concrete as a high performance and cost-effective solution for precast concrete bridges


Material innovation and technology (MAPEI)

Egor Ivaniuk (TU Dresden) with Zlata Tošić, Martin Friedrich Eichenauer, Steffen Müller, Daniel Lordick and Viktor Mechtcherine, Automated production of textile reinforced concrete modules for the assembly of shell structures

Giacomo Rizzieri awarded by Massimo Petracca (ASDEA)
Egor Ivaniuk awarded by Giorgio Ferrari (Mapei)